Chelsea-Anne Cymrot


My name is Chelsea-Anne Cymrot and I am a junior at the University of Southern California majoring in Theatre and minoring in Cinematic Arts. I am just your average girl living in this big ole, crazy world! Kidding. But really…I aspire to be a comedic actress. My other interests lie heavily in casting and screenwriting. I love people. And food. Food is too good. Especially ice-cream. God I'm hungry. What else? I was manufactured in Marin County. So yes, I can play that whole let's-be-pretentious-and-go-organic, game. I want to make a mark on this world blah blah blah. My hair is brown. I'm 5'5''. Do you even care about this? I am inspired by Diane Keaton, Tina Fey, Emma Stone…and who's that other famous chick? Oh yeah, Meryl Streep. *Insert line where I provoke you to read my column.*