Katie Sims


I was born on November 17th, 1989 in Hinsdale, IL where I grew up just thirteen miles outside of the great city of Chicago. I have since left the Midwest and now study Theatre at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. During my first three years at USC I have acted as an Artistic Director for the Musical Theatre Repertory, an independent student theatre group that produces two full-length musicals annually. I also currently sings mezzo/alto in the 2010 ICCA champion acapella group, the USC SoCal VoCals. Upon graduation in the spring of 2012, I plan to remain a faux-native in Los Angeles and continue my career as both an actor and writer. I want to make a life in the theatre because, as Robert Frost said of poetry, theatre is a “way of remembering what it would impoverish us to forget.” Thank you for reading and remembering.