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Learn From a Pro as Once on This Island's Alex Newell Reveals His Vocal Warm-Ups

"There's no snack track in this show," Alex Newell reminds fans of the current Once on This Island Broadway revival, meaning there's no time to recover or prepare his voice during the show's 90 minutes. So how does Newell manage to hit the extreme highs and lows of "Mama Will Provide" every single time? It's largely down to an extensive and specific vocal warm-up routine, Newell says. That, and a healthy pre-show drink he makes at home and consumes 30 minutes before walking onstage. Here's what's in it:
Apple cider vinegar
Oregano oil ("opens everything up")
Manuka honey
Alex also advises Broadway singers to "speak as minimally as possible," adding, "that's tough because I'm a Leo, and I love to be around people."