The Humans

1hr. 35min.


We Are All Only Human

We've all been there. A family gathering around the diner table. This is where we meet the Blakes. The Blakes are a middle class working family who slowly expose all the joy and problems, warts and all, every family has. The Thanksgiving family get together is something mid way between Leave it to Beaver and August: Osage County. There is a lot of love and support the Blakes give each other but, as in the real world, all is not a bowl of cherries. Erik and Deirdre Blake usher Grandma Momo into their youngest daughter Brigid's Lower East Side basement apartment where they are joined by Brigid's live in boy friend and her older sister Aimee. Momo is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. From the start there is an undercurrent of tension. Loud banging noises can be heard from the upstairs tenant which immediately sets Erik off. From there on you go trough a plethora of emotions along with the Blakes as their hidden secrets are slowly and craftily peeled away. Led by one of my favorite actors Reed Birney the superb cast gives an exquisite performance. Kudos to all. Director Joe Mantello does a magnificent job yet again leading us through all the convolutions of the Blake family. David Zinn also gives us a gift with his realistic set design. Playwright Stephen Karam shows his stellar talent in this beautifully written play. You will laugh and cry as you go through the play's roller coaster story. In fact you might even see a little of your own family in it. After all, we're only human. If you are planning a trip to the theater be sure to download my app Broadway Jay for free at the app store.