The Lion King

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)



great piece, would see it over and over again

superb !

Superb performance. Set and costumes magical.Booked tickets on and arrangements for collecting were efficient and staff are very friendly.

The Lion King Review in Singapore

It is worth the wait for Singapore to finally get The Lion King Musical. Read the full review here.


the scenery,the acting,the puppets are all amazing!

Lion King

please restore it to the original version-too long? who cares- we want to see it all and everything that goes with it. To the true broadway lovers it can never be Too long.

Morning Report scene cut off!

Today my son and I went to see the Lion King for the 7th time in one year, as it is his favorite show and to our great disappointment the Morning Report scene has been cut off! Also the scenes where Nahla and Simba are falling in love have been shortened. I asked one of the Minskoff theatre staff on our way out why all this, and he told me that these cut offs took place a month ago because the show was too long and now they have shortened it about 15 minutes. People who never saw the show before were happy as it was but we were very disappointed and will think twice before going to see it again or recommending it to friends, what a shame! The show was PERFECT as it was, there is no need to shorten it! It must already be evident in the ticket sales as to my great surprise when we arrived to the will call to pick up our pre-booked tickets there were still tickets available for last-minute sale, Ive never seen that before for the Lion King show.

Lion King

While the puppetry was spectacular at first, after the first scene, it was old hat. Not worth the tickets at all.


I saw this show twice, and both times were amazing!

Can't Wait to see it again!

I am SOOOO excited that this is coming back to Chicago! My kids were too young last time to go and see it, but now I know this is all they are going to be talking about! They love the movie-but the show is on a whole other level. I loved the show last time it was in Chicago. Its woth seeing!

Greatest of all time

A show that is amazing, great story, great artstisc, marvelous direction, songs... one of the biggest musical of all time

lion king

Saw this in providence it was magical

the lion king

awesome show, cant wait to see it again.

Lion King

When Lion King opened, we got tickets right away because of Julie Taymor the set designer and director. She is a genus of the theater. This is a truly unique and wonderful show. We loved it good for the whole family. And, if you like the design ideas of Julie Taymor, try to see The Magic Flute Mozart at the Metropolitan Opera,,,she designed the sets and costumes for this opera and they are tremendous!

The Lion King

I took my 2 grandsons to see this play ages 18 and 14 and they enjoyed it immensely and would see it again .I also enjoyed it .


the music, dances, costumes, and make-up were all amazing! you will forget youre watching a walt disney show! amazing!


Such a brilliant show!!! I loved the use of puppets and lighting! I went in thinking how weird it will be to see a cartoon movie live...but WOW! it blew my mind! GO SEE THIS SHOW!! Im going again in a few weeks!

The Lion King

Great Great Show! We all enjoyed this from ages 7-44 It was entertaining and captervating. Great show!


You need more stars. Its great. Ive seen it three times. One more grandchild to go.Granny


You need more stars. Its great. Ive seen it three times. One more grandchild to go.Granny


You need more stars. Ive seen it three times. One more grandchild to go.

The Lion King! -San Francisco

The COSTUMES had me awe struck! the stage, lighting and the costumes transported me into the animal world. The realistic depiction of the African wild was and accents were surprising. It was beautiful. The singing and dancing was first rate. My high school fellow cheerleader was dancing in the the show in San Francisco which was a wonderful surprise I was jealous AND happy for her Great Job, Shameka!

The Lion King

I held off seeing this for so long because I was afraid it was going to be like Cats, but it wasnt at all. It was amazing. The costumes were breathtaking, and combined with the music, it was just a wonderful show. I am definitely seeing it again.


I am not a Disney person, but I saw this about six years ago and the first ten minutes are so beautiful I was choking up. Its not cartoonish at all. The music, lighting and costumes create a living work of art before your eyes. Really spectacular.

The Lion King

This show was phenomenal. I felt like a little girl again, mesmorized by all the colors and props... I cant wait until my daughter is old enough to enjoy it the way I did.