The Wedding Singer



The Wedding Singer is based upon the New Line Cinema film. Music is by Matthew Sklar, book by Tim Herlihy and Chad Beguelin, and lyrics by Chad Beguelin. It's the 80's. Robbie Hart lives in his grandmother's basement in New Jersey and sings in a wedding band. His dreams of being a singer/songwriter are long gone, replaced now by a burning desire to find the right girl and settle down. When his fiancee leaves him standing at the altar, he becomes a wedding planner's worst nightmare, taking out his bitterness on stage until his eye ­ and heart ­ turn to a new friend, Julia, but she's engaged to a wealthy Wall Street broker. Christmas and New Years Dec 19 7pm Dec 20 2 & 8pm Dec 21 8pm Dec 22 8pm Dec 23 2 & 8pm Dec 24 off Dec 25 off Dec 26 7pm Dec 27 2 & 8pm Dec 28 8pm Dec 29 2 & 8pm Dec 30 2 & 8pm Dec 31 3pm final performance


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