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1hr. 30min.
Opens Aug 17, 2017


An immersive four-day, five-performance festival of magic featuring a rotating roster of over 25 world-class master magicians and outstanding variety acts. Showstopping feats include amazing sleight of hand, interactive parlor magic, and mind-blowing illusions. Each performance is different — no repeats. Performers include Jon Armstrong (two-time Magic Castle "Close-up Magician of the Year"), Dana Daniels (Broadway's The Illusionists 1900 and five-time Magic Castle "Magician of the Year"), Andrew Goldenhersh (two-time Magic Castle "Parlour Magician of the Year"), Christopher Hart (award-winning magician who played The Thing in the Addams Family films), Pop Haydn (seven-time Magic Castle "Magician of the Year"), Ivan Pecel (nine-time world champion juggler), Naathan Phan (Masters of Illusion, Wizard Wars, America's Got Talent) and Joel Ward (Penn and Teller: Fool Us), plus the Bistrevsky Brothers, the Bornsteins, Simon Coronel, Derek the Mime, Bruce Gold, Chris Juggerio, Matt Marcy, and more.

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