Two September
Mac Wellman's new play contains some interesting ideas and one mesmerizing performance, but it only rarely flares into vibrant theatrical life.
Circus Oz
This dazzling Australian troupe takes a fresh and fanciful approach to the familiar.
Martha Clarke's new dance-theater piece is heavy on mood, but light on substance.
Two Trains Running
Signature Theatre scores again with Lou Bellamy's just-about-perfect revival of August Wilson's play.
Gutenberg! The Musical!
This self-referential musical about writing a musical is a 90-minute lesson in "theater don'ts."
The Vertical Hour
The brilliant Bill Nighy enlivens David Hare's new play and ultimately brings co-star Julianne Moore up to his level.
The Big Voice: God or Merman?
Jim Brochu and Steve Schalchlin's musical love story is alternately hilarious and deeply moving.
Raúl Esparza stars in Sweeney Todd director John Doyle's brilliant reinterpretation of another Stephen Sondheim masterpiece.
The Atheist
Hollywood star Chris Pine gives a mesmerizing performance in Ronan Noone's beautifully written play about a fame-hungry journalist.
The Coast of Utopia Part One - Voyage
The opening part of Tom Stoppard's trilogy about Russian intellectuals is visually stunnning, puzzlingly directed, and poorly acted.