Apartment 3A
A potentially trite situation is given a new twist in this play by actor Jeff Daniels.
(I Am) Nobody's Lunch
A scene from (I Am) Nobody's Lunch (Photo © Leslie Lyon) The Bush administration admits to wiretapping the private phone conversa
Lovely Day
Leslie Ayvazian's portrait of a troubled marriage is well served by the cast of the Play Company production.
Barbara Cook at the Met
In this concert, a great musical theater star offered a program of familiar material -- without orchestra.
What Makes Sammy Run?
This revisal of the 1964 musical about Hollywood has some snap but could use another rewrite.
This world premiere musical about the life of Edgar Allan Poe is a compelling and fascinating theatrical experience.
The End of Reality
Alex Delinois, Thomas Bradshaw, Sibyl Kempson,and Jim Fletcher (obscured) in The End of Reality (Photo © Paula Court) A mysteriou
The Subject Was Roses
Under Leonard Foglia's direction, Bill Pullman and Judith Ivey play Frank D. Gilroy's drama for laughs rather than tears.
With intermittent success, Joanne Camp tackles the title role in the Pearl Theatre Company's production of this classic Greek tragedy.
Marielle Heller and David Chandler in Peninsula (Photo © Monique Carboni) There are plays in which the characters move with marked deliberation, pausing