Carol Mulroney
Ana Reeder and Larry Pine in Carol Mulroney (Photo © T. Charles Erickson) If your adult daughter were depressed, would you (a) recommend therapy and/or m
Sweeney Todd
Director John Doyle has stunningly re-imagined this well-nigh perfect Stephen Sondheim-Hugh Wheeler musical.
The Winter's Tale
Director Edward Hall and his all-male troupe Propeller return to BAM with a stunning production of this Shakespeare play.
Cambodia Agonistes
Lydia Gaston, Virginia Wing, and Derek Wongin Cambodia Agonistes (Photo © Juyoung Hong) In Cambodia Agonistes, a woman who
A Mother, A Daughter and A Gun
Olympia Dukakis is a real pistol in Barra Grant's frantic comedy.
Adam Heller, Barbara Walsh, Nicholas Belton, and Erin Leigh Peck in Normal (Photo © Carol Rosegg) Barbara Walsh has made a sparkl
Manic Flight Reaction
Deirdre O'Connell and Jessica Collinsin Manic Flight Reaction (Photo © Joan Marcus) "My generation can't change the world," says
See What I Wanna See
Idina Menzel stars in Michael John LaChiusa's daring new musical at The Public Theater.
Adrift in Macao
Rachel DeBenedet and David McDonald in Adrift in Macao (Photo © Mark Garvin) Adrift in Macao, the new one-act musical by C
The Odd Couple
In its starry revival, Neil Simon's comedy remains a superior example of commercial Broadway entertainment.