The Argument
Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros' play about a couple at a crossroads may lead to arguments among couples in the audience.
Dress Suits to Hire
Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw in Dress Suits to Hire (Photo © Eva Weiss) The current revival of Dress Suits to Hire features the same renowned act
Boston Theater Marathon 2005
Ciaran Crawford, Rick Park, and Irene Daly in "The Amazing Adventures of Captain Normal" (Photo © Súgán Theatre)
Pacific Overtures
Will Gartshore in Pacific Overtures (Photo © Carol Pratt) It may turn out that future generations of musical theater fans will come to know Stephen Sondh
Movin' Out
David Gomez and Holly Cruikshank in Movin' Out (Photo © Joan Marcus) Movin' Out, which Twyla Tharp directed and choreographed to Billy Joel's song
Songs From an Unmade Bed
This is the kind of show that erases memories of far less accomplished works, says David Finkle.
The American premiere of the Presnyakov Brothers' disturbing if occasionally tedious play has a "ripped-from-the-headlines" feel.
The Capital Mall
Promo art for Capital Mall The Capital Mall, a rock-opera about a group of twenty-somethings entering the corporate world, tries to be an Everyman ...
James Van Treuren and Mark Baker in Trolls (Photo © Carol Rosegg) I'll admit that I went into Trolls with fairly low expec
Miss Julie
Anders Cato's staging of this Strindberg classic makes the sexuality of the piece overt, yet there's less passion here than might be expected.