Matthew Boston and Brennan Brownin Disconnect (Photo by © Nick Andrews) There are many lessons to be learned from going to the theater, such as: Be very
Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
The Sounding Theatre Company has assembled a very capable cast and crew for its production of this Frank McGuinness play.
The cast of Falsettos(Photo © T. Charles Erickson) Quick, name a through-sung show that is considerably greater in quality than th
After the Night and the Music
David Finkle reviews this new program of one-act plays by Elaine May, Mike Nichols' erstwhile partner in comedy.
Julia Cho's play concerns a 14-year-old who considers her Asian face and figure a detriment.
EST Marathon 2005: Series A
The annual short-play festival features more heavyweight authors than usual this year.
Thrill Me
This musical by Stephen Dolginoff has a promising score but doesn't quite live up to its title.
Mortal Ladies Possessed
Linda Marlowe in Mortal Ladies Possessed (Photo © Eric Richmond) Linda Marlowe is a one-woman powerhouse in Mortal Ladies Possessed, a survey of
The Argument
Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros' play about a couple at a crossroads may lead to arguments among couples in the audience.
Dress Suits to Hire
Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw in Dress Suits to Hire (Photo © Eva Weiss) The current revival of Dress Suits to Hire features the same renowned act