The Last Word...
Daniel J. Travanti and Adam Green butt heads in Oren Safdie's play about the artistic generation gap.
The Secret of Mme. Bonnard's Bath
Israel Horowitz's uneven new play wrestles with some intriguing concepts, but only rarely stirs the emotions.
The Frugal Repast
Ron Hirsen's entertaining one-act about the value of art is more of a tantalizing appetizer than a nutritious meal.
An Intimate Evening with Ben Vereen
The Tony-winning star's slightly ramshackle cabaret debut at Feinstein's shows off his powerful voice, extraordinary agility, and genuine connection with an audience.
All That I Will Ever Be
Alan Ball's brilliant, thought-provoking new play looks at the complex ways in which identity and intimacy are intertwined.
The Merchant of Venice / The Jew of Malta
Shakespeare tops Marlowe in TFANA's double-bill of plays about anti-Semitism.
Director Kenn Watt's staging of Charles L. Mee's new play uses nearly every avant-garde trick in the book, but not to good effect.
Sunday in the Park With George
The Reprise! staging of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's landmark musical is colorless on many levels.
A Spanish Play
A cast of gifted actors, including Zoe Caldwell and Denis O'Hare, can't help Yasmina Reza's pretentious play rise above the tedious.
Kate Robin's intriguing if highly problematic new play tackles the unusual topic of sex addiction.