John D'Arcangelo and Robert Resnikoffin Masquerade(Photo © Joan Marcus) Perceptions of AIDS have changed considerably in the last two and a half decades.
Finer Noble Gases
Paul Sparks and Connor Barrett in Finer Noble Gases (Photo © Sandra Coudert) Finer Noble Gases will not appeal to everyone
The Bald Soprano & The Lesson
John Ellison Conlee, Jan Maxwell, Michael Countryman, Seana Kofoed, and Robert Stanton in "The Bald Soprano"(Photo © Carol Rosegg)
Rose Rage
Jay Whittaker in Rose Rage(Photo © Michael Brosilow) Usually, war is only figurative butchery, but director Edward Hall has decided to get literal about i
Pugilist Specialist
Stephanie Viola and Paul Schnabelin Pugilist Specialist It's understandable that someone could watch the first minutes of Adriano Shaplin's Pugilist Special
The First (and Last) Musical on Mars
Christina D'Orta and Alissa Hunnicutt inThe First (and Last) Musical on Mars(Photo © Peter Freed) Bela Lugosi made his last film, Plan 9 From Outer Spa...
Laura Knight and Aedin Moloney in Talent(Photo © Nick Drakides) As Mama Rose says on the subject of talent, "You either got it or
Tim Miller in Us Photo © John Aigner He had a dream -- a wonderful dream, Papa. And an impossible dream. Tim Miller explains in Us that he dream
The Lepers of Baile Baiste
(l-r) Dara Coleman, Zachary Springer and Ciaran Crawford in The Lepers of Baile Baiste. (Photo © Carol Rosegg) "Sin is like lep
Of Thee I Sing
Ron Bohmer and Garrett Long inOf Thee I Sing(Photo © Gerry Goodstein) "Political theater" means different things to different people -- and, in this parti