This uneven work about the Columbine massacre features some powerful moments but lacks complexity.
Love's Labour's Lost
Nicholas Martin serves up a stylish staging of one of Shakespeare's lesser comedies.
The Race
This fast-paced marathon of movement and theatricality lives up to its title.
Not a Genuine Black Man
Brian Copeland's solo piece is more successful as autobiography than as an examination of racial identity.
At Said
Memory and history collide in Gary Winter's intriguing new play about the power of words to make sense of the past.
The Pirate
The Prince Music Theater's new show based on the old MGM musical could use some more sizzle.
Christopher Denham's new play has plenty of flash but not enough passion.
Ridiculous Fraud
Beth Henley's pseudo-Chekhovian tale of three Southern brothers almost lives up to its title.
All Dolled Up
Bobby Spillane's new "comedy" about a cross-dressing gangster is not only short on laughs, it's downright boring.
Beau Brummell
Ian Kelly delivers a fine portrait of the famous British dandy in this play by Ron Hutchinson.