On Golden Pond
This revival is unlikely to erase memories of the 1981 film, yet it is a respectable and in many ways admirable effort.
Orange Flower Water
Jason Butler Harner and Pamela J. Grayin Orange Flower Water(Photo © S. McGee) "There are no moments of goodness that don't come w
Beau Jest
Timothy Hornor, Charity Parenzini, Jason Adkinsin Beau Jest(Photo © Matthew Lawrence) I mean this in the most affectionate sense: Taproot Theatre Company
Not Yet Diagnosed (Nervous) 1918
The Axis Company's latest experimental piece, Not Yet Diagnosed (Nervous), takes place in the memories of shell shocked WWI soldiers.
Tierno Bokar
Djénéba Koné, Sotigui Kouyaté, and Hélène Patarot in Tierno Bokar(Photo © Victor Pascal)
What of the Night
This tedious play about Djuna Barnes fails to capture the best qualities of the acclaimed author's work.
Constant Star
In this play at the Merrimack Theatre, Tazewell Thompson artfully blends Ida B. Wells's written words with imagined dialogue and private thoughts.
Steel Magnolias
David Finkle assesses the Broadway production of Robert Harling's warm-hearted play about sharp-tongued women.
Julius Caesar
Denzel Washington has no business acting in Shakespeare's politics-at-its-ugliest opus.
Golden Age
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's play is an imaginative romp inspired by popular comic books.