Drat! The Cat!
In the gallery of 1960s musical megaflops, one title has always aroused special curiosity. Drat! the Cat! opened at the Martin Beck on October 10, 1965 and ...
The Mermaid
Mark Finley has a sharp comic wit but is less adept at creating dramatic moments in this play.
Captain Louie
Brooke Pierce enjoys this children's musical with a score by the renowned composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz.
An Infinite Ache
Ann Hu and Brian Louis Hoffmanin An Infinite Ache(Photo © G. Allen Aycock) Sixty years ago, if a nice Jewish guy planned on marrying a sweet Asian gal, he
Lisa Tejero, Elaine Yuko Qualter, Tohoru Masamune,and Ryan Artzberger in Silk(Photo © Liz Lauren) Silk, newly adapted from
The Passion of the Crawford
David Finkle appraises John "Lypsinka" Epperson's new show, all about screen queen Joan Crawford.
La Cage aux Folles
In many ways, Robert Goulet is ideal casting for Georges in this musical, and he looks to be having a helluva good time.
The Pursuit of Persephone
Chris Fuller and Jessica Grové inThe Pursuit of Persephone(Photo © Cara Reichel) Raw talent isn't visible to the naked eye, but you sure know it wh
Sweet Charity
Christina Applegate is a singing, dancing, acting delight in this revival of the Cy Coleman-Dorothy Fields-Neil Simon musical.
The People Next Door
Daniel Redmond and Ronny Jhutti in The People Next Door Photo © Douglas Robertson More Britcom than social satire, The People Next Door has some