Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
A deglamorized Kathleen Turner embodies Martha in the new production of Edward Albee's play.
Play Without Words
Saranne Curtin and Alan Vincent in Play Without Words(Photo © Sheila Burnet) The name of Matthew Bourne's first company, Adventure
Monty Python's Spamalot
David Finkle enjoys the "laff-a-minute" Broadway musical inspired by the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Arian Moayed and Sanaz Alexander in Paradise (Photo © Carol Rosegg) Paradise, Glyn O'Malley's play about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, came u
Raw Boys
Dael Orlandersmith's latest work is a tough, sometimes tender drama focusing on a lower-middle-class family in Ireland.
Between Worlds
This somewhat derivative production of the Chekhov Theatre Ensemble is flawed, but it contains enough worthwhile elements to be intriguing.
Orson's Shadow
Have you ever wished you could sit in on a rehearsal involving some of the greatest theater luminaries of the 20th century? In the witty and irreverent Orson's Shadow, Austin Pendleton provides the next best thing.
Lazer Vaudeville
Carter Brown in Lazer Vaudeville Photo © Dike Peterson Bowling pins, building blocks, bouncing balls, bicycle hoops, chainsaws, a
The Penis Monologues
Steve Luker in The Penis Monologues: Men Speak (Photo Kerry Long) I knew I was in for a rough night at the theater when I started lo
Woman Before a Glass
Mercedes Ruehl in Woman Before a Glass(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Mercedes Ruehl, who may be the closest thing we have to an American Anna Magnani (you know, t