Fran's Bed
Mia Farrow stars in James Lapine's controversial new drama.
Doctor Dolittle
Tom Hewitt and cast shine in this less-than-compelling musical based on Hugh Lofting's famed children's stories.
Dr. Sex
The dirty secret of this "clean" musical about sex researcher Alfred Kinsey is that it's painfully dull.
Kissing Fidel
Bryant Mason, Javier Rivera, and Andres Munar in Kissing Fidel (Photo © Carol Rosegg) A fascinating play, Eduardo Machado's Kissing Fidel inhabit
The Pavilion
Jennifer Mudge & Brian d'Arcy James in The Pavilion (Photo © Richard Termine) Craig Wright's The Pavilion could have been
NYMF Roundup #1
But I'm a Cheerleader, Richard Cory, Feeling Electric, and The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde
Cathay: Three Tales of China
Lady Yang and friends in Cathay: Three Tales of China (Photo © Chris Bennion) Cherry-picking from 5,000 years of Chinese history,
The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow
This uneven yet thought-provoking play by Rolin Jones mixes equal parts of science fiction and dysfunctional family drama.
Miracle Brothers
David Finkle weighs in on Kirsten Childs' new Brazilian-flavored musical.
The London-based ensemble Improbable has fashioned an enthralling theater piece that simultaneously celebrates and deconstructs the creative process.