Eugene's Home
Kelly McAndrew and Arnie Burtonin Eugene's Home(Photo © Kevin Sprague) Is it permissible to take an uncharitable view of a play about charity? What if it'
Medea in Jerusalem
Rebecca Wisocky in Medea in Jerusalem(Photo © Benjamin Heller) Euripides's name is nowhere to be seen on the credit page in the Medea in Jerusalem
Blue Collar
Chris Whalen and Victoria Malvagno in "North Shore Fish"(Photo © John Beverly) Bobby Maloney has been coming to the same fish-p
Mrs. Farnsworth
Gerry Bamman and Leslie Lyles in Mrs. Farnsworth(Photo © Ginny Arcari) "With the election right around the corner, its time to spe
The Day Emily Married
Hallie Foote and Estelle Parsons in The Day Emily Married(Photo © Jonathan Barkey) Horton Foote is on familiar ground. In The D...
East to Edinburgh
The best solo shows result when a performer uses every resource available to advance a story; other actors present a one-person show as a calling card of their talents for agents ...
I Love Paris
Kevin Shinick as Paris Hilton Photo © Dave Gochfeld The producers of I Love Paris have chosen a tasteful postcard image for their
Roslyn Ruff and Ty Jones in Macbeth(Photo © Christopher McElroen) At the start of the Classical Theater of Harlem's Macbeth
Squeeze Box
Ann Randolph in Squeeze Box(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Ann Randolph, a bean pole of a woman in slacks and a short-sleeve blouse, tells a hardscrabble story in
After the Fall
Peter Krause and Carla Gugino in After the Fall(Photo © Joan Marcus) Someone associated with the revival of Arthur Miller's Aft...