Eartha Kitt at the Café Carlyle
The 80-years-young legend is giving what may be the best show of her life.
Elvis and Juliet
This modern take on Shakespeare's classic romance is a hunka hunka burning trash.
Stopping Traffic
Mary Pat Gleason's courageous solo show details her struggle with bipolar disorder.
In The Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer
The Keen Company's revival of this powerful docudrama encourages audiences to mull over what patriotism meant in the 1950s and what it means now.
The $ellout Festival
Two shows prove that revenge and cucumber sandwiches are dishes best served cold.
Joe Calarco's staging undermines the power of Stephen Sondheim's unconventional musical.
The Porch
Two excellent performances and a great set aren't enough to save Kari Floren's predictable play.
Despite some miscasting and other flaws, the Kennedy Center's new production of this terrific musical is fabulously entertaining.
The Field
John B. Keane sets up his play's characters and conflict with aplomb, but to what end?
Dead City
Sheila Callaghan's wonderful new play shows people behaving like zombies, but the production is thrillingly alive.