Spatter Pattern
Peter Frechette and Darren Pettie in Spatter Pattern(Photo © Joan Marcus) In order to enjoy Neal Bell's Spatter Pattern (Or, Ho...
Richard III
Peter Dinklage in Richard III (Photo © Michal Daniel) At first, it seems like stunt casting: Peter Dinklage, the 4'5" tall actor
Kristin Linklater and Heather Tom in Hecuba (Photo © David Gochfeld) Hecuba is called "the queen of sorrow." Euripides' Hecuba
Finishing the Picture
Matthew Modine and Heather Prete in Finishing the Picture (Photo © Liz Lauren) Reno, Nevada, 1960. Kitty, a drug-addled star, h
Eat the Taste
Mark Hollman, Paul Urcioli, Bill Coelius, Eva van Dok, and Greg Kotis in Eat the Taste (Photo © Tyler Micoleau) Eat the Ta
Margaret Colin and Ally Sheedy in Triptych(Photo © Carol Rosegg) As Edna O'Brien's novels, short stories, and plays have accumulated until they form a lis
Eleni Kastani, Lydia Koniordou,and Antonis Loudaros in Lysistrata(Photo © Delta Studio) This is and isn't an ideal time for Aristophanes' Lysistrata
Jonny Phillips (left) and Nonso Anozie in Othello (Photo © Keith Pattison) A powerful tale of love and jealousy, Shakespeare's ...
The Opposite of Sex
Kerry Butler and David Burtka in The Opposite of Sex (Photo © Bill Faulkner) The Magic Theatre's new musical version of The Op
Stephanie Kurtzuba, Todd Alan Johnson,Jeff Skowron, and Kim Cea in Newsical (Photo © Gabe Evans) In the late 1960s, when Julius Monk announced that he'd