The Female Terrorist Project
Molly Powell and Lael Logan in The Female Terrorist Project (Photo © Carol Rosegg) "Counter-terrorism experts offer this advice: Shoot the women first,"
The Foreigner
Matthew Broderick (center), Kevin Cahoon,and Frances Sternhagen in The Foreigner(Photo © Joan Marcus) Normally, I don't set much store by guilty pleasures
People Are Wrong!
John Flansburgh in People Are Wrong!(Photo © Carol Rosegg) If you were a back-in-the-day person and I were to mention a musical in
The Immigrant
Adam Heller and Jacqueline Antaramianin The Immigrant(Photo © Carol Rosegg) In the wake of our recent election, it's important to be reminded of the essen
Dave Gorman's Googlewhack! Adventure
Dave Gorman in Dave Gorman's Googlewhack! Adventure (Photo © Dan Goldsmith Dave Gorman was supposed to write a novel. He had a ve
A Passage to India
The cast of A Passage to India(Photo © John Haynes) When E.M. Forster published Howard's End, the novel that guaranteed his ran...
Comfort Women
Tina Chen and Ji-young Kim in Comfort Women (Photo © Pavel Antonov) During World War II, roughly 200,000 Korean girls and young women were forced to beco
Carlos Uriona and Matthew Glassman in The UnPOSSESSED (Photo © Jonathan Slaff) A man emerges from underneath a large pile of books. Above him, another m
She Loves Me
Michele Ragusa and George Dvorskyin She Loves Me(Photo © Jerry Dalia) For lush musical-comedy romanticism, it's hard to beat She Loves Me. There i
Twelve Angry Men
Kevin Geer, Philip Bosco, Michael Mastro, Adam Trese,John Pankow, Peter Friedman, and Larry Bryggmanin Twelve Angry Men(Photo © Joan Marcus)