Separating the Men from the Bull
This series of comic sketches exploring male relationships is intermittently funny and occasionally insightful.
The Well-Appointed Room
In this two-part play, Richard Greenberg deals with career anxiety and other forms of fear.
Bridge & Tunnel
Sarah Jones's solo show is just as vibrant and exciting on Broadway as it was downtown.
A Moon for the Misbegotten
Kathleen McNenny and Andrew McCarthy in A Moon for the Misbegotten (Photo © Michael Mancuso) Eugene O' Neill wrote poetry in addition to his plays, but h
Richard Foreman's new performance style is remarkably similar to his old performance style.
Annie Potts in Diva (Photo © Craig Schwartz) Howard Gould's Diva is the latest in a line of plays -- including Betrayal and Merrily We R
Private Lives and The People Next Door
Tom Hewitt and Shannon Cochranin Private Lives (Photo © T. Charles Erikson) Spousal abuse may no longer seem a suitable subject for slapstick shenanigans
Apartment 3A
A potentially trite situation is given a new twist in this play by actor Jeff Daniels.
(I Am) Nobody's Lunch
A scene from (I Am) Nobody's Lunch (Photo © Leslie Lyon) The Bush administration admits to wiretapping the private phone conversa
Lovely Day
Leslie Ayvazian's portrait of a troubled marriage is well served by the cast of the Play Company production.