Carolyn McCormick and Sabrina Le Beauf in EVE-olution(Photo © Richard Termine) There are some artifacts so much of their time that
When Aunt Daphne Went Nude
Jane Titus, Scott Ferrara, and Patricia Hodgesin When Aunt Daphne Went Nude(Photo © Shawn Washburn) Did you ever wonder why English comedies of manners --
Cry Wolf
There has been a minor controversy during the recent Bush/Kerry debates about cameras zooming in on the President to keep the candidates at equal height level. Clearly, minor ...
John Scherer in Broadway(Photo © Ric Evans) The fascinating thing about Broadway, the 1926 play by George Abbott and Philip
The Dybbuk
A scene from The Dybbuk(Photo © Stefan Okolowicz) Five of the 13 actors in Krzysztof Warlikowski's retelling of The Dybbuk wander in at the same ti
Bette Midler: Kiss My Brass
Bette Midler as Delores De Lago It's fascinating to compare the careers of Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand, since they might well have been ...
Mary-Louise Parker in Reckless(Photo © Joan Marcus) Mary-Louise Parker is to the present-day theater what Julie Harris was to Broadway during the '50s and
Laura's Bush
Hilda Guttormsen and Laura LeBleu in Laura's Bush (Photo © Sun Productions) All across the country, audiences are seeing Laura's Bush. Playwright
Nine Parts of Desire
Heather Raffo in Nine Parts of Desire (Photo © Joan Marcus) The press materials for Heather Raffo's brilliant one-woman show Nine Parts of Desire
Fritz Weaver in Trying (Photo © Joan Marcus) Veteran actor Fritz Weaver is nothing short of brilliant as Judge Francis Biddle,