Light Raise the Roof
Robert Beitzel and Chris McKinney in Light Raise the Roof(Photo © Joan Marcus) Kia Corthron's Breath, Boom and Force Con...
T.R. Knight and Robert Hogan in Boy(Photo © James Leynse) Is it possible for a play to be too well constructed? Julia Jordan's ...
A Streetcar Named Desire
Adam Rothenberg and Patricia Clarksonin A Streetcar Named Desire(Photo © Joan Marcus) Some people feel that the modern American theater is experiencing a
Minimum Wage
Charlie LaGreca and Paul Ashleyin Minimum Wage(Photo © D. Velez) When I first saw Minimum Wage at the 2002 New York International Fringe Festival,
The Joys of Sex
Stephanie Kurtzuba and Ron Bohmerin The Joys of Sex(Photo © Carol Rosegg) In the press materials, if not the program, The Joys of Sex is one of tho
Jim Thalman and Francesca Nina O'Keefein Necropolis(Photo courtesy of JLS Productions) It's often astonishing how current headlines color a play, make it seem ...
The Woman Destroyed
Diana Quick in The Woman Destroyed(Photo © Christine Allsopp) Apparently, New York theater is currently so chockablock with special attractions that the l
My Fair Lady
Simon Jones, Michael Cumpsty, and Kate Fry in My Fair Lady(Photo © T. Charles Erickson) In taking on the classic Alan Jay Lerner-
Lizzie Borden: The Musical
Andrea C. Ross, Dale Place, and Jayne Patersonin Lizzie Borden: The Musical(Photo © Emily Sweet) "Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whac
Linda Emond in Homebody/Kabul(Photo © Craig Schwartz) Tony Kushner will tell you that the version of Homebody/Kabul now at BAM is the play's 17th d