Philip Dawkins

The Truth About Witches, Sick Burns, and the New Philip Dawkins Play
The Chicago playwright discusses his latest production at Steppenwolf, The Burn, and his upcoming play, The Gentleman Caller.
Philip Dawkins's The Gentleman Caller to Receive New York Premiere
The work follows a meeting between William Inge and Tennessee Williams.
MCC Theater Extends Off-Broadway Run of Charm
Will Davis directs the new play by Philip Dawkins.
This new comedy at MCC imagines a charm school for transgender youth.
Cast Members of Charm Charm the Press
Will Davis directs Philip Dawkins's script about Mama Darleena Andrews — a 67-year-old black transgender woman — who takes it upon herself to teach an etiquette class at Chicago's LGBTQ community center.
MCC Theater Announces Casting, Creative Team for Charm
Sandra Caldwell will play the lead role in Philip Dawkins's transgender drama.
MCC Theater Announces Production of Charm and Seeks Transgender Artists for Cast
The work is written by Philip Dawkins and directed by Will Davis.
The Homosexuals
A winning cast smooths out some of this play's inherent issues.