AlieNation: Three New Plays From Italy

2hr. (1 intermission)


AlieNation comprises three vital stage works that explore themes of perception, alienation, and integration and their consequences in different social and geographical contexts.

Enrico IV, the Pirandello classic, translated by Gloria Pastorino, examines madness versus the mask that society forces people to wear. King Henry speaks directly to his audience — who may just be crazier than he is.

A Story of Love and Soccer, translated by Peter Speedwell, is set in a Southern Italy village where a group of immigrants compete in the first-ever clandestine soccer world championship to determine who will seize control of the city.

The Journey I Never Made, translated by Carlotta Brentan, focuses on two women from very different cultures and times who meet in a mysterious station where all trains have been cancelled. Despite their suspicions, they mirror one another and slowly begin a dialogue.

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