The Cheaters Club



The Cheaters Club is a Southern-sized Savannah murder mystery that creeps out of the shadows and Spanish moss to bring us face to face with the skeletons that are lurking in our closet and destroying our marital bliss. Meet The Cheaters Club: siblings Tommy, Jimmy and Cathy, and brand-new recruit Vonn. Once a year they get out of town to get it on, with no spouses and no strings attached, to exorcise their sexual demons. This year, the destination is Savannah for a lust-filled weekend at the haunted Chaney Inn, run by a mysterious family and their voodoo-ing housemaid. But the dark and unresolved history of the inn is still being written, and the Cheaters Club may very well be the final chapter. Join Ghost Tour Guide (and town drunk) Vladimir Anton as he takes you on a journey of infidelity, revenge, and murder in the dark corners of America's most haunted necropolis.

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