Maximum Security

1hr. 15min.


This is the U.S. premiere of a new play by Piedad Bonnett, the internationally acclaimed Colombian poet, essayist, novelist and playwright, performed in English translation (world premiere) by Lucia della Paolera and acted by a cast of Latino actors. The play is a brutally realist account of life behind bars for three inmates and a guard, offering a rare look at the prison culture surrounding political prisoners and the unlikely friendships they adapt to when surrounded by a violent and sociopathic population. It is directed by Nelson Celis of Bogata, Colombia's La Compania Nacional de las Artes and co-produced by ID Studio Theater, a NYC theater company. Set in a penitentiary in Colombia, a country with notoriously overcrowded and violent prisons, Maximum Security explores the lives of three cellmates and one guard as they navigate a labyrinth of degradation and survival tactics behind bars.

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