The Origin of Irrevery

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1hr. 5min.
Opens Dec 8, 2017


Drawing from Jungian psychology, the vernacular of country music, Wagner's concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, and the imagery of Butoh, German Expressionism, and Bauhaus, The Origin of Irrevery is a staged explanation of a psychological odyssey. It centers around SHE, a frowning misfit in a world run by THEM. SHE is surrounded by THEM: smiling, normal, and growing increasingly more uncomfortable by HER inability to smile along as well. We meet HER at the end of a silent, personal war with THEM and witness HER subconscious on the brink of confrontation. This confrontation and the eventual construction and deconstruction of The Mask, a visage developed to impress THEM and conceal HER true nature, is guided by IRREVERY.

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