Wiseacre Farm

0hr. 45min.



In spite of the poor reviews I attempted to see this show THREE times. All three times it was cancelled at the last minute as the cast was "sick." Seems like these people get sick often but actually I think if they dont get enough people they dont go through the trouble and this seems to happen more often than not. Also, the place is in a decrepit basement of an old building that appears to to home to god only knows. I guess you cannot expect much for 10 bucks but I would say avoid as there are much better options for children such as Gazillion Bubbles, Freckle Face Strawberry, Pinkalicious, Imaginocean, Ohmies and the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater in Central Park. Its a wonder they are still in business!


My child laughed and participated. It was if she was responsible for saving Cliffies cake. I enjoyed the improv banter between the actors almost as much as I enjoyed watching my childs face. It was obvious that the cast was having a great time. Gave it four stars because it is a kid show geared to kids.

an adorable show

Is this show great writing ... no. Did we have a great time ... YES! These characters are adorable. The children were enthralled and were invited to come on stage to protect Cliffie the Pigs birthday cake from the cake-stealing Fox. The kids were so excited to talk with Cliffie the Pig and the cast when they came into the lobby after the show. They are also proud to have gone on stage ... their first acting experience!