Princess Ida

3hr. 45min. (2 intermission)


A 20 year old treaty states that Princess Ida and Prince Hilarion are to marry when they come of age. That time has come, but Ida refuses to honor a commitment made on her behalf when she was an infant, and has gone off to the country to start a women's university. There she teaches an interesting variation on Darwin's theory: that man -- not woman, just man -- is descended from apes, and is thus inferior to woman. The Prince, on the other hand, is an unabashed romantic, and decides to woo Ida and win her love. He and two friends make their way to the university, where they disguise themselves as women in order to enroll and get close to her… This is the show that swept the awards at the International G&S Festival in Buxton, England - Best Production - Best Overseas Production - Best Director - Best Male Singer - Special Adjudicator's Award for Costumes - "a remarkable performance… A memorable night" (David Turner, Festival Adjudicator) Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco 415-978-2787 • Friday February 1st 2013, 8pm Saturday February 2nd 2013, 2pm & 8pm Sunday February 3rd 2013, 2pm

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